Glow Tide

Glow Tide is a Matrixyl 3000 peptide and CoQ10 rich toner to help boost collagen production and firm the skin. Grapefruit and papaya extracts provide refreshing antioxidants to the skin. CleanSea Complex® provides antioxidant benefits to the skin. Good for normal, mature, oily and dull skin.

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Glow Tide is an anti-aging toner to help combat free radical damage and boost skin’s vitality. Peptides, grapefruit, aloe and chamomile provide antioxidant benefits and soothe the skin. This toner is perfect for helping to diminish signs of aging and give the skin a healthy glow. Good for normal, mature, oily and dull skin.

You’ll love Glow Tide if you loved Power Mist!

Paraben Free • Gluten Free • Vegan • Fragrance Free • Dye Free • Sulfate Free

Notable Ingredients

Matrixyl® 3000 peptide:Peptide compound that promotes natural collagen & elastin production
CoQ10:Also known as Ubiquinone. Enzyme that reduces appearance of fine lines. Present in every cell of the body, important part of mitochondrial health and cellular respiration. Produces cellular energy and detoxifies waste. Gives power antioxidant protection and boosts collagen
Grapefruit extract:Obtained from the peel of the grapefruit. Antioxidant high in flavonoids and vitamin C. Astringent and reduces excess oil
CleanSea Complex®: Facialworks proprietary complex that fights oxidative stress from UV and blue light. Moisturizes skin, provides antioxidants, boosts cellular metabolism, combats aging

Designed for Blue Light Defence

This product is infused with CleanSea Complex®, a specialty Facialworks compound for blue light defense and digital damage. An essential in skin care for the modern lifestyle, especially those who use phones, laptops, computers, and screens all day.

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